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Apprentice    Beekeepers

This class is open to anyone interested in becoming a beekeeper as well as those already involved in the art and science of beekeeping.  Instructors for the class will be experienced Inland Empire Beekeeper Association members and special invited instructors.

Students successfully completing the Apprentice Beekeeping class will receive an IEBA certificate of completion and a free one-year membership to the IEBA.  Students who elect to take and pass all tests of the Washington State Apprentice Beekeeper program will be Certified Beekeepers in Washington state and will receive a WSBA certificate which is required to meet some city and county code requirements to keep honey bees.


Class and Field Day dates are on the calendar, here. 
           The full 2023 schedule is available below. 

Class Documents
IEBA Calendar 2023
Beginning Beekeeper
Hive Inspection
Package Bee
Spring Inspection Video
Mite check (Alcohol Wash)
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