Second Year Beekeepers

Requirement: Completion of Beginning Beekeeping Class conducted by the IEBA.

Students from the immediate prior year have priority.

(Ex: 2020 Beginners have priority registration for 2021 Second Year)

If there are any class positions open after registration, we will consider previous year beekeepers.

AND...If your dues are not current you need to pay them. The membership form is here.

This is a four day course teaching beekeeping techniques focused on the second year of beekeeping.   The end result will be beekeepers who can over-winter, rebuild, and expand their hives; perform Spring management techniques that result in high honey producing hives while minimizing swarming; detect and address honey bee diseases and predators; and conduct Fall management practices that give their bees the best chance to successfully overwinter.

Class and Field Day dates are on the calendar, here.                  The full 2021 schedule is available below. 

Class Documents
 2021 Second Year Beekeeper
IEBA Schedule 2021
Second Year Day 1
Second Year Day 2
Second Year Day 3
Feeding Bees
Use of Drone Frames
Winter Prep
Sure Fire Requeening With Nucs
Colony Inspection Complex
Annual Hive Mgmt
Plan 2018
Colony Health Data Sheet
Colony 7
Hive Scale Data 2016
Spring Inspection Video