2020 Officers

Matt Liere -- President (5th Year)


  • IEBA Member since 2013

  • Certified Apprentice, Summer 2013

  • Completed Journeyman Level (2018)

  • Retired, 23-year military officer

  • Freelance correspondent for The Spokesman-Review; Bee-Informed Partnership (BIP) consultant

  • MS Quality Management, National Graduate School; BS Aeronautical Technology, Purdue


Matt manages a number of hives, directly dependent on the number of swarm collections, equipment stores, and small amount of ambition he’s able to muster. When not managing bees, or working to support a multitude of addictions, Matt applies the remainder of his energy raising four children with his wife, Gina, on their 11-acre compound in North Spokane. Red wine and IPAs provide sanity, effectively filling in any gaps.

Larry Cameron 2021

Larry Cameron -- Vice President 

  • IEBA Member since 2017

  • Earned Apprentice Level, Spring 2018

  • United States Army, 24 Years, Retired 2012.

  • Working on Journeyman Level Certification


Larry started researching beekeeping after retiring from the United States Army and has been a beekeeper since April 2018 and manages 20 hives in multiple locations around the Inland Empire to include his backyard apiary. When not tending to his own bees, he enjoys helping with the club hives and working on video content for his YouTube channel. When not focused on his bees he enjoys traveling to bee conventions and purchasing new and innovative bee equipment, as well as helping new beekeepers get started. He recently got involved with the Hives For Heroes organization to help veterans get into beekeeping.


 Sheryl McKee -- Secretary (2nd Year)


  • IEBA Member since 2015

  • Earned Apprentice Level, Summer 2015

  • Farmer, animal lover and avid beekeeper


Sheryl lives north of Colville where she has farmed for the last 25+ years, raising horses, sheep, chickens and just about every other farm animal one could imagine.  She has been married for 52 years (Chuck) and has three children and five grandkids.


Sheryl initially took a beekeeping class through SCC in 2013, just to try something new, and has been hooked ever since.  Even though her bees failed to make it through their first winter, her fascination with bees motivated her to keep trying.  After attending an IEBA meeting as guest, she signed up to take the 1st and 2nd year classes and now calls herself a certified beekeeper.  Sheryl manages 5 hives between the old family dairy farm and her 80-acre homestead, providing her girls with plenty of forage from surrounding fields of alfalfa and strawberries, gardens and fruit tress, and is now experimenting making candles from wax harvested from her hives.  



Scott Ingles -- Treasurer


  • IEBA member since at least 2004

  • Began keeping bees in 2001

  • Journeyman Level Beekeeper

  • Lead Judge for honeybee exhibits, Spokane Interstate Fair

  • USAF Lt. Col (Ret)


Scott keeps bees and gardens on Spokane’s South Hill.  A long-time IEBA member, Scott revamped the honeybee exhibit manual for the Spokane Fair.  He leads IEBA involvement in the annual Lincoln County Conservation Day, Farm Fair, and he is an instructor for the Basic Beekeeping Course.  Scott is an Orchid Society member.  In the Air Force he flew B-52s and taught others to fly them.  In total disregard for IRS protocol, Scott keeps IEBA accounts accurate to the penny.