Journeyman Beekeepers

The Journeyman Certification has the following goals:

Increase breadth and depth of knowledge of bees and beekeeping.

Ability to mentor and teach other beekeepers.

Able to give presentations to groups of both beekeepers and non-beekeepers on beekeeping.

Contributes service to the beekeeping community.


Must be a Certified Apprentice beekeeper from an approved program.

Must have three (3) summers experience as a beekeeper. 

Must be a member of a local beekeeping association.

IEBA members will be given priority for registration.

Because past Journeyman Certifications have been disappointing, and Washington Master Beekeepers (WMB) strongly feels a more grass-roots approach to developing the Journeyman requirement is a better direction to go,  the IEBA is testing a whole new approach from our previous program in 2018. We will be using your hives and the IEBA hives to meet the goals of our program. We will be doing training on the IEBA package hives during the off weekends when they are not being used by the Beginning Beekeepers class and we will be working the hives in the Mt Spokane yard. During our first class session we will develop a hive management plan for the IEBA hives, review the tasks required and review the advanced hive inspection form.  The rest of the program will be a queen rearing class and a class on raising comb honey, pollen and propolis. You will each be required to rear a nuc from queen cell to laying queen. You will also be required to enter into one of our state fairs exhibits of live bees, honey, pollen or propolis.

Class and Field Day dates are on the calendar, here.

Class Documents
Journeyman Beekeeper
Class Schedule
Annual Hive Mgmt Plan
Journeyman Beekeeper Progress Form