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Bees for Kids - page two

Did you know?

How fast can a Honey Bee fly?

15 Miles Per Hour!


How many eggs does a Queen Bee lay in one day?



How many bees are inside the hive during the honey season?



How long does a Worker Bee live in the spring/summer?

4 weeks


How much nectar does a Honey Bee collect on one flight?

One Eyedropper drop


How far does a hive of Honey Bees fly to bring us one pound of honey?

55,000 Miles



Barton, Bethany.

Give Bees a Chance. Viking Books for Young Readers, 2017

Facts mixed with humor entice children aged to learn to appreciate all the amazing things that honeybees do. Preschool-Primary


Carle, Eric.

The Honeybee and the Robber. Philomel, 2001.

Follow an adventurous honeybee as she goes about her busy day, sipping nectar from flowers, avoiding hungry birds and playing with butterflies. But when a robber bear comes looking for honey, all the bees must rush out to defend their home. Preschool-Primary


Formento, Alison.

These bees count! Albert Whitman, 2012.

Mr. Tate's class visits a bee and honey farm, where Farmer Ellen teaches the children how to listen to the bees talk.  Primary


Morales, Melita.

Jam & honey. Tricycle Press, c2011.

Tells the story of a young girl and a honeybee who learn to coexist peacefully in the same garden as they go about their respective tasks. Preschool


Nargi, Lela.

The Honeybee Man. Schwarz & Wade, 2011

Fred, a beekeeper whose hives are on the roof of his Brooklyn, New York apartment building, tends his bees and distributes their honey to his neighbors. Primary-Elementary


Teckentrup, Britta.

Bee: A Peek-Through Picture Book. Doubleday, 2017

A simple rhyming story explains how bees pollinate our world, while illustrations with a hexagonal cutout on each page invite children to interact with the story. Preschool-Elementary


These links to outside pages contain more booklists, coloring pages, craft activities and lesson plans. Most are free; some are pay-per-download.


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