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Beekeeping Classes

The IEBA offers numerous classes over the course of each year focusing on topics for all levels of beekeepers in our area, beginning with the Apprentice Beekeepers Course (First Year) - this typically includes hands-on training with IEBA hives.   We provide the testing and documents for those who desire to be Certified Apprentice Beekeepers, which may be needed to legally keep bees within your city or town (see our Ordinances and Regulations section, or contact your local government).
We also provide classes for Second Year Beekeepers, typically beginning sometime in March.  Second year classes are normally supported by field days in April.  Contact Jerry Tate of Tate's Honey Farm for more information.  You must have completed the Apprentice level class to participate.  
We offer Journeyman Certification classes every other year on even years.  Members must be in good standing with the IEBA to participate in Second Year and Journeyman classes.  Other requirements may apply. These classes typically begin in February.

Apprentice Beekeeping Classes are held each year in February at the WSU Extension office. The 2023 classes took place February 11 and February 25 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).  Many municipalities in the State of Washington require certification for keeping honey bees on private property.  The IEBA's Apprentice Beekeeper Certification Class prepares a novice beekeeper for the state Apprentice Beekeeping Certification Exam. The remainder of the 2023 course includes three hands-on field days held May 6, May 27, and June 17, 2023.

Be sure to register for the 2024 Apprentice class early as our classes tend to fill up fast!  Check back later in 2023 for how to register online or in person. Your registration includes your first year of IEBA club membership. The links below are for 2023; but they give an idea of what to expect. Click the PDF brochure for full information and to download the registration form, if you prefer to mail or deliver your class registration with check or money order payable to the WSU Extension.

                                                                                 Apprentice Class
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