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Local Hives Scales Data

"Local hives scales data"...What does that even mean?! 
Well, beekeeping is catching up with technology, and scales to monitor the weight (health) of hives are one of the technologies widely available.  The scales are wi-fi or bluetooth connected to cell phones, tablets or laptops, then some beekeepers choose to post their data to an online database hosted by the Bee Informed Partnership - an organization that supports beekeepers, researchers and educational efforts for the general public.
Member and Club Hives Scales Data

Bee Informed Partnership Data No longer available

When you click on one of the buttons above, a new page will open and you can select an area from the map that has "connected" hives with scales. Use the + or - to zoom in on an area.  Click and hold to drag the map. The graph of the hive data is displayed at the bottom of the page.
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